What Does GTA V on PS5 Mean for the Franchise?


By: Ciena Miller 


There is no denying that GTA V has been a generation-defying game, selling 130 million copies across two generations of gaming systems.

 GTA V is consistently one of the top ten downloaded games on the PS4, month after month, even in the fall months, when lots of big titles are released during the holiday season. In fact, when Epic Games announced they would be giving away GTA V for computer gamers in May 2020, so many people flocked to the website, it crashed, with its’ servers not able to handle that much traffic.

As one of the biggest and most defining games of the last decade, it should almost come as no surprise that Rockstar made the decision to bring GTA V to PS5. It is a fitting move for a game that remains as popular as ever.

GTA V will arrive on PS5 with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Which is a fancy way of saying, “it’s a re-mastered version, or a definitive edition with exclusive content on PS5.” It is important to note the minute details of this announcement. In addition to bringing the story mode of the game to PS5, all PS5 owners will be able to get GTA ONLINE as a standalone game.

Separating GTA V from GTA Online 

The separation of GTA ONLINE from GTA V story mode is a HUGE deal. GTA ONLINE has become its' own game, with its' own story line and culture, outside of GTA V story mode. Rockstar is allowing the GTA ONLINE characters & culture to continue; independent of story mode. By separating the game into two parts, GTA V (story mode) and GTA ONLINE.

GTA ONLINE has fueled the popularity of the GTA franchise because there is no other game like it. GTA allows you to create a charter, purchase homes, businesses, run criminal enterprises, collect cars and motorcycles, and participate in a host of events. It is a rife playground for roleplaying that is addicting to engage in. Once you invest a little bit of time into the culture of Los Santos, you are hooked forever. 

Millions of people have invested thousands of hours, and sometimes hundreds of dollars, in building their character(s) online world and business enterprises. There are countless communities and clubs, in part facilitated by RockStar Social Club, that allows people to connect with other like-minded players.

By separating GTA ONLINE from GTA V, Rockstar is allowing GTA ONLINE to continue to grow via another console generation. This move has major potential to reach a new generation of gamers. Yes, GTA 5 is rated “M” for mature. However, people age up everyday. Meaning; there are always new prospects to the world of GTA 5.

I believe that this separation means that when the long-awaited GTA VI finally comes out, the game may just be a story mode game. This would allow GTA ONLINE to continue to grow on its' own.

I believe we could see the addition of another map to GTA ONLINE, based on GTA VI, allowing GTA ONLINE to expand past Los Santos & Blaine County to a new location, with new adventures and business opportunities for your character. Separating GTA ONLINE from the GTA story mode franchise will allow GTA ONLINE to continue to grow and flourish into the new decade, while allowing people to continue with the character(s) they have spent years playing with on previous console generations.

I also believe that GTA V Story Mode & GTA ONLINE will feature amazing graphics, inspired in part by the many YouTubers and modders who have spent the last few years showing off what GTA V & Online could look like with 4K filters and a different game engine.

I think that GTA V & GTA ONLINE on PS5 will run on a different game engine. It is currently running on the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE). I think that we are either going to see GTA V & GTA ONLINE for PS5 ran on the Unreal Engine 5 from Epics Games, or we are going to see Rockstar unveil a new game engine to rival the Unreal Engine 5.

We already know that Epic stated that the first games that will run Unreal Engine 5 will be released in 2021, and we know that GTA V & GTA ONLINE is coming to PS5 in late 2021. We also know that Rockstar worked with Epic games, allowing them to give away a Premium Edition of the game for free this May on the Epic Games Store. However, it is also common knowledge that Rockstar has a long history of doing things on their own. Their “own way.”

Either way, we should see the game run on a new game engine that brings more dynamic lights, colors, and sounds to the classic game.

Whatever path Rockstar chooses moving forward, it would be amazing to play GTA with current generation graphics, because as engaging as the game is, the graphic’s just don’t match other games that are currently out on the PS4, to speak nothing of the leap that graphics will make with the PS5. 

Hopefully, Rockstar is able to elevate the graphical level of GTA – the bar has been set high by YouTubers, Modders, and the general gaming community, and it would be awesome to see Rockstar meet or exceed these graphical expectations. 

I am also really curious as to what exclusive content will be released with the game. In the announcement, R* confirmed that exclusive content will be coming to GTA V on PS5. Will there finally be the long-awaited expansion to the story mode of GTA V? Will we finally get some DLC to continue Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s story? Will there be new GTA ONLINE gameplay just for PS5 players?

I look forward to these questions being answered in the upcoming months.

What do you think of the decision to create GTA ONLINE as a standalone game? Are you excited to take your GTA characters to a new console? How do you think the game will be expanded and enhanced? What game engine do you think the game will run on?


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