Second Extinction: Reclaim Earth - Let’s Take on the Dinosaurs!



By: Ciena Miller 

It is time to have some fun with games again, and that is exactly what Second Extinction: Reclaim Earth looks to do when it drops on Xbox X and PS5 this fall. 

Second Extinction: Reclaim Earth is the first videogame produced by the new Systemic Reaction studio, one of the three studios that make up the Avalanche Studio Group.

Brynlyn Gibson, the lead product at Systemic Reaction, says that Emil, the Creative Director, pitched him on working on a game about “Evil Mutant Dinosaurs that have taken over the Earth” during the job interview, and that is exactly what this game gives you.

In Second Extinction, the dinosaurs are back, and not the nice ones! Evil dinosaurs, with mutations that make them even more formidable than the dinosaurs of the past, are taking over Earth, and it up to you and your squad of four to annihilate the dinosaurs. 

Humans have escaped Earth, unable to live alongside the new mutant dinosaurs, and now live in orbital stations ran by the ERA. Groups of four survivors are sent to Earth together to help take back the plant for humanity!

The game doesn’t try to be serious for even a second, with an emphasis on the craziness dinosaurs you can imagine, with lots of explosions, and of course, lots of blood when you take them out!

The reason for the dinosaur’s extinction and the story behind humanity’s exit to space is set to be revealed as you play the game. The game is designed to be a corporative multi-player experience, where you work alongside other players to take on the dinosaurs.

Second Extinction: Reclaim Earth is coming to the new generation of consoles in Fall 2020.

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