3 Big Changes Coming to F1® 2020


By: Ciena Miller

Codemasters has worked hard to ensure the F1 gaming franchise doesn’t feel the same from one year to the next, and this year is no exception. Codemaster has some big changes coming to F1 2020 which are designed to enhance the gameplay.

Big Change #1: My Team

The most significant change coming to F1 2020 is the new game mode, My Team. You will be able to create your own team, which you will both drive and manage.  You will need to hire a teammate to compete alongside you and handle the development of future potential F1 drivers who are racing down in F2.

You will need to choose the best fictional sponsors for your team, so you can bring in the money necessary to support the team. You will need to build up your engineer and support staff. Plus, you need to make sure you bring it on the racetrack as well. You have 10 seasons to turn your team into the newcomer to the best team in F1.

My Team is a revolutionary change to the F1 gaming franchise, and it will be exciting to play this new game mode.

Big Change #2: Customizable Seasons

The F1 season is long, both in real life and in the game. Playing all 22 races and doing all the practices and qualifying rounds can take a lot of time. The game makers at Codemaster recognize taking on an entire 22-race season can be overwhelming.

To fix that, this year, you can customize the length of the season. You can choose to race a traditional 22 race season, or you can race a 16 or 10 race season instead. You can also customize the races that are included in your race season, so if you find some tracks really difficult to manage, or you really love a certain track, you can make sure it is included in your custom season.

The customizable season length was designed to allow players to complete an entire season, no matter how little or how much time you have for gaming. The customizable season length was also designed so you can customize the season to fit your skill level.  

Big Change #3: Local Split-Screen

The third big change coming to the F1 franchise this year is local split-screen. The F1 gaming franchise has not included local split-screen since the PS3. You will finally be able to sit down with a friend, in the same room, and race together.

The inclusion of local split-screen is really nice and has largely been missing from games during the PS4/ Xbox One era of gaming.  

F1 2020 is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia, with a release date of July 10th, 2020, for all four platforms.

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